About us


    The concept of C.C. Heidelberg began decades ago in learning craftsman building techniques, exploring non-hardware joined woodwork in Japan, working for the top artisan builders and architects in Austin, and watching the original “This Old House” when it was truly a craftsman endeavor.


    We build and create timeless structures and dwellings.  Ones that can’t be thrown in a group of fads or periods.

    Building timeless pieces begins with an exceptional oversight of leaders in design, form, purpose, craftsmanship, and actual execution.

    We are not trying to follow like the rest, nor try to take on as much work as feasibly possible.  Our desire to be apart of timeless pieces dictates how many wonderful clients we can serve.


    Some in the Hill Country have German last names, have even lived there for generations.  Unique to the rest of the pack, we actually lived and built in Germany, all over, alongside Germans.

    We embrace the same level of engineering and perfection.  In Deutchland, quality and longevity far surpasses quantity. “Guten Bauen.” As American builders, we embrace ingenuity and creativity, along with the German craftsmanship, together creating cost effective and properly executed pieces.


    To show others how success and greatest in design and construction are achieved, alongside optimized schedules, budgets, and execution.